Sunday Night Poetry: Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell

A few weekends ago, I was having the perfect, lazy Sunday. As I was driving home from somewhere, this song came on. I pulled in front of our house and just sat in the car to finish listening. And when I got inside I pulled our Joni vinyl out and played that song on repeat about 10 times. Read More

Sunday Night Poetry: The Sorbets

Every now and again you come across something that just simply delights you. Tonight, I came across The Sorbets by Thomas Trofimuk (thanks Road Home on CKUA!).

He describes Sorbets as “raw, unfinished snapshot poems” and are intended as a small poetic break, in between the work week and the weekend. You can sign up to receive these little nuggets every Friday right to your inbox at Read More

I wish I wrote . . . the poem My Religion by Judy Clement Wall

It seems like negativity often pervades my newsfeed on social media. Isn’t it nice, then, to be reminded that there are other people who believe in the simple value of kindness and love above all else? I sure think so.

On that note: behold a beautiful poem that speaks right to my soul. Read More

I wish I wrote . . . The poem Against Hesitation by Charles Rafferty

I love to read. There are so many books and poems that I love, but then there are a special few that have spoken to me on a different level. So much so that I wish wish wish that I wrote them myself. So, this will be a somewhat regular occurrence on the blog . . . just sharing with you the little nuggets of inspiration that I turn to time and again simply because I love them so much.

Click here to read the poem.