Teachings From My Four-Year-Old Nieces

Today I’m a magical My Little Pony named Fluttershy. I’m singing in a school concert with my friends Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie about how we can do “ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING” we put our minds to.

And now I’m a chef, whipping up culinary masterpieces to feed my hungry stuffed animal guests.

And next? I’m a hungry baby bird, of course! And my mommy is feeding my squiggly, wiggly worms.

Recently, I was lucky to spend the day in my hilarious, imaginative, four-year-old nieces’ world. Read More

From one to two – how will a second child change our lives?

As I sit here rocking my first baby back to sleep, I feel my second baby squirm inside my belly. In this instant, I’m a mixture of savouring these sweet moments of being a momma to one and looking forward to what is coming next.

I have questions swirling around in my mind . . . many of which are likely the same questions that most moms have when they are expecting their second child.

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Are kids worth it?

Oh man. It’s been one of those weeks. Your kiddo is sick, you haven’t gotten more than three hours of sleep in as many nights and you can barely remember the last time you showered. You are at the complete beck and call of a tiny human who only knows that they don’t feel good and that sleep is for suckers.

At your lowest, most tired, weakest point, the question pops into your mind: “Are kids are worth it?”

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Giving life your undivided attention

I’m pretty sure that a month is something like 5 years in blog time. So, thank you to my loyal readers for waiting 5 whole years for me to post something new!

I have no real excuse for this . . . I’ve just been enjoying life and taking in the summer. As I’ve been doing this, I’ve also noticed something that is by no means a new occurrence, but is something that I think is becoming even more prevalent. More and more often I see people experiencing their world through a phone screen Read More

Bright Shiny People (say what?)

What the heck is a bright shiny person? You’re going to have to keep on reading to find out!

Around seven years ago I was searching for something to give my life a bit more richness and meaning. I had gone through a breakup a year prior to that and it had been a difficult year. But, here I was, I had grown, I had learned to love myself, and I was ready to move on and find something new to be passionate about. Read More

On Honourary Mothers

My nephew Cooper was my first child. No, not literally. He is 100% made up of my sister Jenny and her hubby Curt. He was however the first child to make my heart feel as if it would burst from loving him so much. With Mother’s Day just around the corner I wanted to share my honourary mother story with you.

This one is for all of the honourary moms (and dads) out there . . . the would-be parents for loving other people’s kids as fiercely as if they were their own.

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Happy First Birthday Lark!

Well folks, Jaymes and I officially have a toddler on our hands! We celebrated Lark’s first birthday this past weekend. Think of how much a baby accomplishes in their first year of life . . . it’s pretty remarkable. It’s comparable to an adult conquering Everest . . . or winning a Nobel Peace Prize . . . or some other grand event that really impresses the masses. Babies are cool.
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Long live maternity leave!

Dear Lark,

Maternity leave is the best.

I wish I had longer, but feel lucky to have enjoyed a full year with you. I’ll be honest. The pay hasn’t been the best, but the gig has. In fact, it has more than made up for that fact. It is hands down the most important, rewarding, fulfilling work that I have ever done. So, the fact that I got paid for it at all seems pretty damn cool. Keep reading!

This is Motherhood

Recently Lark was battling a cold for a week and then an ear infection the next. No fun. I was so unbelievably tired after a week of long nights, but as I was sitting with her in our living room rocking chair at 2am one morning, I thought to myself, “This is motherhood.” Which got me thinking . . .

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