Brown Butter Cinnamon Banana Bread

Let’s talk about butter: it’s delicious, right? We use it in tons of baking, on toast, to grease pans, etc. But, if you have never tried BROWNED BUTTER, then you, my friend, are missing out. Read More

Simple Weekday Breakfast: Addictive Banana-Hemp Granola

There are some recipes that you just keep coming back to, and for me, THIS utterly addictive Banana-Hemp Granola from superfood guru Julie Morris is one of them. As soon as it comes out of the oven I am devouring it! Plus, not only is it delicious, but it’s made from good-for-you ingredients that will fuel your body up for your day.

This particular granola recipe yields a not as crunchy granola, but instead nice thick chunks of chewy deliciousness. Also? The smell in your house as this bakes is unbelievable. Read More

Cool Summer Treat: Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bark

Summer is all about frosty treats on hot days. You know what summer is NOT all about? Blogging, apparently, at least for me!

Once again it’s been forever since I’ve posted, so I thought I would throw this simple yet refreshing recipe on here. Lark is quite particular about what she wants to eat . . . what was her favourite yesterday may taste absolutely disgusting today. So, I try and think of ways to make the foods we have on hand a bit different and exciting. It worked! She has been loving eating this stuff – and with just two ingredients it couldn’t be easier to whip up. Read More

Nothing says “I love you, Dad!” like a bowl of Bo Kho

Many of my posts have touched on just how much I love being a momma and I’m very lucky that I entered into parenthood with a man who loves being a daddy, just as much. I love watching Jaymes and Lark together – he isn’t an overly gushy man, so it’s even more amazing to watch how open and loving he is with her. He does goofy things to make her laugh, creates personalized lyrics to classic nursery rhyme songs while he sings her to sleep, reads books to her, takes her on weekend morning walks, kisses her, hugs her, and tells her he loves her countless times every single day. Every little girl deserves a dad like that.

I am doubly lucky on Father’s Day, because not only do I get to celebrate what an amazing father Jaymes is, I also get to celebrate the special relationship that I have with my Daddy-O. Read More

Sun Tea and Me: A Love Story

For me, nothing says summer like an ice-cold glass of homebrewed sun tea. Growing up, my Momma would make batch after batch of this deliciousness from the moment the first really hot day hit, until the days began to turn chilly in the fall. Read More

Inside Out Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches

My hubby Jaymes is all sorts of awesome and just happened to turn 40 this week. He is calm (other than swearing at other drivers . . .), a wicked handyman, smart, a great friend, a loving daddy, and handsome to boot!  The man, however, does not love sweets. So, the question is – what do you do when your honey is turning 40, but doesn’t like cake all that much? You make Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches, that’s what!

And then you help him eat them. Read More

Who got the booch, baby?

Before I get into the nitty gritty of brewing your own delicious, gut friendly kombucha at home . . . who remembers the song Hooch from the 90s? Every time I make kombucha this song gets stuck in my head and, although I don’t like to brag, I’ve made up some pretty kick ass lyrics to make the song about Kombucha (booch). So, if anyone fancies themselves a YouTube star . . . let’s team up! I’ll write funny lyrics to songs and you will be the lucky performer. Pretty sure we’ll get rich.

Onto the matter at hand . . .

Keep reading for directions . . .

Happy First Birthday Lark!

Well folks, Jaymes and I officially have a toddler on our hands! We celebrated Lark’s first birthday this past weekend. Think of how much a baby accomplishes in their first year of life . . . it’s pretty remarkable. It’s comparable to an adult conquering Everest . . . or winning a Nobel Peace Prize . . . or some other grand event that really impresses the masses. Babies are cool.
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