Sunday Night Poetry: The Sorbets

Every now and again you come across something that just simply delights you. Tonight, I came across The Sorbets by Thomas Trofimuk (thanks Road Home on CKUA!).

He describes Sorbets as “raw, unfinished snapshot poems” and are intended as a small poetic break, in between the work week and the weekend. You can sign up to receive these little nuggets every Friday right to your inbox at

Here’s one I found on his website while I anxiously await my first Sorbet to arrive this Friday. Let’s all agree to look up, breathe, and feel alive at least once this week.

Black, Flirting Dots

this morning I stopped
looked up into the elms –
looked for the black, flirting dots of birds
sparrows, chickadees, maybe a pine siskin or three –
the tough-it-out through winter birds
who, this morning, had the audacity to sing
while my mind was on a thousand other things
like money and daughters and wives and work and writing,
and I really wanted to get back inside the warm car –
to get out of minus C plus a wind-chill
But I stopped this morning and looked up –
breathed bird sound deep into my gut – eyes closed,
I felt something akin to bliss, and inside my exhalation
a smile appeared – a simple, joyous smile, just because.
I felt profoundly happy to be above ground,
shivering on the sidewalk mid-winter with bird song
quivering delightful in my mouth.

by Thomas Trofimuk