From one to two – how will a second child change our lives?

As I sit here rocking my first baby back to sleep, I feel my second baby squirm inside my belly. In this instant, I’m a mixture of savouring these sweet moments of being a momma to one and looking forward to what is coming next.

I have questions swirling around in my mind . . . many of which are likely the same questions that most moms have when they are expecting their second child.

Questions like: how will I nurture and celebrate their differences without leaving the other out? How will I make sure they both feel special? Will they always know that they are both so loved – maybe in different ways, but always equally?

Right now my older ‘baby’ is nearing the 17 month mark; I’m amazed by what she is learning every day, how much her personality is forming, and how she is becoming more and more her own little independent person. Sometimes silly (like me), sometimes more serious (like her dad) – will her younger sibling be the same balanced mix, or will they lean more in one direction?

Right now, our little toddler loves kissing Momma’s tummy, loves saying baby, and loves carrying her baby doll around the house. Will she love the real baby coming her way in the new year as much? And more importantly, as they grow up together, will they have each other’s backs? Will they grow up with a built-in friend and partner in crime? Someone to spend lazy Sundays with, building forts together? Someone to sneak down the stairs with, early on Christmas morning, to see whether Santa came or not?

Will we do a good job teaching our kids what truly matters in life? Will they grow up valuing hard work, kindness, and standing up for what is right? Can we instill a love and appreciation of nature in them that will continue to grow and blossom as they do the same? Can we raise them to enjoy family time as much as time with friends?

How will our lives change? It’s hard to imagine being busier, but I suppose it just becomes your new normal. Will my hubby and I find ways to squeeze some quality time in together? Will we be able to provide our kids with the kinds of experiences we want their childhoods to be filled with? Even when we are busy, can we make sure and slow down enough to appreciate the present moment before it becomes a distant memory?

As you can see, right now I have a lot of questions, and not a lot of answers. For now, I will take a deep breath and be content to sit here, rocking my baby for a little bit longer as she dreams.

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