Sunday Night Poetry – A little piece of me

I’ve always been a lover of poetry and love the way a simple poem can make me feel – alive, reflective, joyful, thoughtful, understood . . .

So, when I discovered the program called The Road Home on CKUA Radio, I was hooked. A mixture of songs and poetry, all to a theme and broadcast in Bob Chelmick’s killer radio voice from his cabin in the woods – it is perfectly me and the perfect way to spend your Sunday night. If you live in Lethbridge area, you can tune in at 99.3 or anywhere in the world at Their entire programming line-up is awesome and we always have it playing in the background at our house.

The Road Home plays every Sunday night, from 8pm to 10pm. And as I sit here listening, I got thinking . . . I love poetry and I’m trying to share a piece of me on this blog . . . so, from now on, for my Sunday post, I’m going to share poetry with you. And today, in the interest of sharing a piece of me, I’m going to share a poem I wrote. I almost NEVER share my poetry, it feels too personal. But, tonight I feel brave, I suppose. And, because my blog is so Lark-focused, the first poem of my own that I share will be about her. I wrote it while I was pregnant with her, after I first heard her tiny heartbeat.

I hope you enjoy – and don’t forget to check out CKUA. There’s truly something for everybody on this station!

For Lark

My heart beats a steady rhythm to yours.

Yours an exuberant marching band.
Mine a solitary gong.

Yours a hummingbird’s frantic wings.
Mine the legendary albatross’ slow, steady beat.

Yours a pounding thunderstorm.
Mine the drip drip drip of a leaky faucet.

A three ring circus and a simple side act.

My thump. Your bump.
I’ve never not known you.

Inside me, your heart, my heart.

Mine is yours.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Poetry – A little piece of me

  1. This is lovely. My babies are in their thirties but I remember so clearly the booming sound/ feel of that tiny heart inside me. Funny how you miss something from so long ago. Thank you for sharing.


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